With a bike blender at
your next event!

With a bike blender at
your next event!

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Wholly engaging conversation, smiles, laughter and a vibe of childlike glee accompanied by the sound of smoothie-churning bikes: That’s what Wheely Good Smoothies brings to your next event!
Our stationary bike blenders spin as you pedal, mixing you instant and delicious fruit smoothies. Fill the blender with fruit and juices, pedal about 30 seconds and slurp your smoothie.
We give you the power to make any office event compelling, memorable and fun—whether it’s an employee bonding exercise, a company initiative launch or anything in between.
The people-powered smoothie maker sparks interest and curiosity. “How do you make smoothies with a bike?” “Will it taste better if I bike faster?” “Wanna race?” “I don’t have to go the gym tonight, right?” Say goodbye to boring, complicated or work intensive events.

Wheely Good Smoothies supplies everything you need to get started:
Just show up and hop on and we’ll bring the party to lobbies. On rooftops and patios. On grassy patches and in conference rooms. The hall next to the elevator. You’ll only need a 10’ x 10’ space, and there’s no electricity required. Smoothie bikes are great for both indoor and outdoor events.
We’ll rent you the bikes or we’re happy to run everything from setup to cleanup. The only job you’ll have is smoothie drinker.

Simply choose a flavor, hop on a bike, joyfully pedal for 15 seconds, ring a bell, deliver a high-five and slurp down the goodness.

Folks come and go as they please, pedal their smoothie and bring it back to their work areas, happy and refreshed. Each pitcher blends two smoothie cups, so those in a rush can grab a cup and go.

Unscientific stat: (Just about) everybody loves smoothies. And when they’re made from organic mouth-pleasing flavors, it’s a deeper love. And when they’re deliciously free, it’s smoothie soulmate love.

Our ingredients —like mango nectar, ginger and pineapple —make you feel amazing. And they feature tasty, craveable foods like Ghirardelli™ Chocolate sauce, cold-brewed coffee and strawberries.

Event-tested. Time-tested.

After more than eight years of serving all types of workplaces from startups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve perfected ingredients, timing, setup, and the art of the memorable and exciting event that fits any battle plan and budget.
Smoothie bikes spin messages about healthy eating, exercise and sustainability into something memorable and tangible. People learn about making their own food from fresh, whole, organic ingredients. And they have a blast on the bike as they create something good for themselves.

If you’re looking for truly green event entertainment, the smoothie bike is hard to beat.

Mixing, laughing, sharing, repeating: you have to see it

This is the kind of wheel-spinning, bike bell-ringing, “what is this?” fun that draws a crowd, motivates even the most reluctant smoothie bike pedaler, and leaves the rest of the day basking in its own positivity. And yes, you really have to see it:
Parking two bikes together means you can hold blender races and pit your guests against each other in the quest for the perfect smoothie.
Rather than rack your brain for an event theme or hook that might stick, use Wheely Good Smoothies to introduce something joyful, healthy and sustainable into your next office event.

Make your next employee appreciation day, company picnic, Earth Day celebration, bike-to-work day, bring your kids or pets to work day, or any other type of event more memorable.
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